Software based on DIEX method forriver velocity inter/extrapolation & river discharge

DIEX-Flow ver.2.0 supports all point & line velocity

DIEX-Flow ver.1.0 was only applicable to surface velocity data.

Now, in order to expand the scope and application, DIEX-Flow ver.2.0 supports all point & line velocity data at everywhere.

Focus the blind spot of river discharge measurement“Velocity interpolation & extrapolation”

Velocity measurement

By energetic development, various types of velocimeter has been put into practical use.

Velocity interpolation & extrapolation

Because the study of velocity inter/extrapolation is quite rare, there is not new technique.

Convert “Point” & “Line” velocity data to “Cross-sectional” velocity data

Point or Line velocity measured by velocimeter is interpolated and extrapolated over across-section with the proper physical background by using DIEX (Dynamic Interpolation and Extrapolation) method.

High accuracy

According to the precise verification using ADCP, evaluation error of discharge is less than 5% on average.

Applicable to a wide range of conditions

DIEX method, which interpolate and extrapolate the velocity based on the dynamics balance in the cross-section, can calculate discharge with high accuracy even if the missing occurrs, or river bed shape is complicated.


DIEX-Flow does not matter the type of velocimeter.


Smoothly – input, analysis, display the results.

New / Open

Input file creation

DIEX-Flow support you to create input files.
Input data will be visualized, and it is easy to confirm the observation data & setting status.



Start calculation for velocity inter/extrapolation and discharge.

New / Open

Display the results

DIEX-Flow visualize automatically
- Cross-sectional velocity distribution
- Lateral profile of depth-averaged velocity
- Time series of discharge

Check the lateral profile of observed velocity.>>> Visualize the spatial distribution of the various observed values and calculation settings
.>>> Check the lateral profile of calculated velocity.>>> Visualize the cross-sectional velocity

Operating environment

PC Windows7/8/8.1 installed Microsoft office2010 or more Interface USB port
CPU 1GHz or more RAM 2GB or more
Disk space 600MB or more Screen resolution 1024×576 or more
Language Japanese only